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Enaes Studio is a small ceramics studio opened by me, Maria Enæs, in November 2022. My love for ceramics started in 2016 where I discovered the craft at Krabbesholm Højskole. This was the kickstart of me pursuing how I could work with ceramics on a full time basis. 

As I am from Norway, I moved back there to figure out what my next step would be. I was then lucky enough to get in contact with Eric Landon, the ceramist behind Tortus, and I ended up in an apprenticeship with him from 2017-2019, following another three years working part time in the Tortus studio and part time making my own ceramics. 


These five years granted me with a lot of experience in how to run a studio. Being able to work full time in ceramics, and with focus on throwing, gave me the basis I needed to improve my skills on the wheel. 

During these five years I quickly became a part of assisting in workshops and soon after my two years apprenticeship, was teaching my own evening classes. 

All combined, I now felt ready to open my own studio with all possible knowledge and experience with me.


The studio is ment to be a comfortable place to be, for all with an interest for the craft, a basis for learning and achievement. If you are interested in visiting the studio, you can always contact me. 

- Maria Enæs


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