My name is Maria Bergh Enæs and I`m a ceramist based in Copenhagen, originally from Bergen, Norway. 

I started my ceramist journey as an apprentice at Tortus Copenhagen with Eric Landon as my tutor, from 2017-2019 and has since been working in the Tortus studio part time. There i thought the skill of throwing on the wheel and has since starting teaching classes. 

After my official apprenticeship ended and i started working part time, I`ve had the chance to focus more on my own work and has been doing so for the last two years. My main interest is making new shapes on the wheel and I´m still in a path of creating my own expressions through both shaping and explore surface decoration. 

Most of my sales goes directly through me and this website in combination with commissions that i take on. If you have any inquiries or questions, please feel free to email me at mariaenaes@gmail.com .

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